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Liquid Staking

Supercharge your crypto earnings with Snowball Money. Stake your assets and watch your rewards grow, all while keeping the flexibility to trade and borrow.

New AirDrop Every Month

It's easy. Just apply and complete the tasks to enter.

Incentivized Missions

Complete daily missions to get rewards.

Mystery Boxes

Open Mystery Boxes and get a chance to multiply your Rewards in the App.

Most Popular Networks

Multichain, all in one app. We support ETH, BNB, and Polygon. More blockchains coming soon.

is not just a word

Assets Protected

Our association with the SIPC guarantees the protection of the securities in your account up to $500,000.

Secured by Magic

Enhanced security with magic link protection, ensuring safe and streamlined access to your accounts.

Support 24/7

Our committed customer support team is on hand to answer your questions at any time, every day of the week.

referral program

Share and Earn

The rewards for this referral program are based on a percentage of the fees generated by the new user. The referrer will receive 90% of the fees generated by their referral.

Dive into DeFi

Easily onboard fiat and purchase your favorite digital assets with our straightforward platform, simplifying the entire process for a quick and hassle-free experience.

Maximize your returns with our high-APY vaults – a direct and efficient way to boost your earnings of your favorite digital asset.

Earn bonuses for inviting friends, and your friends also benefit by joining Snowball community.

Monitor your preferred assets with our watchlist feature, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your investments.

Get free assets effortlessly with our airdrops, providing a straightforward opportunity for users to benefit from exciting digital giveaways.

Don't Take
Our Word for It

Gain access to high-yield stablecoin vaults and generate interest in real-time via DeFi.

Jason Humble

CEO of Humble Capital Consulting
"I envision snowball appealing to the masses in an ever evolving tech world that continues to simplify the habits of e-commerce and investing within society. Most importantly, when I vet any company, it's all about the right jockeys running the right race on the top of the appropriate intellectual property.  I see my risk as extremely mitigated due to the strength of leadership developed here. Snowball in my opinion will be the primary way to invest in the future. Exciting times ahead."

Reese Jones

Associate Founder of Singularity University
"Snowball’s hand-picked team is making an easier way for investors to participate in blockchain-related portfolios. Good people with competence, building a service with good intent for you."

Hunter Harrison

Founding Partner of Konza Capital
"The average retail investor doesn’t have proprietary deal flow or access to advanced trading tools. Passive investment platforms like Snowball’s SCIA will allow them to gain easy and advanced exposure into digital assets."

Brian Kerr

CEO of and Investor in Snowball
"I’m excited to see the launch of Snowball’s new smart crypto investment automation platform because it will finally provide Main Street investors with access to sophisticated investment and trading strategies for crypto assets."

Richard Blum

Chairman and CEO of Blum Capital
"The idea of SCIA is innovative and exciting, and I have the utmost faith that this team will pull it off."

Justin Yashouafar

Managing Partner at Blockhead Capital
"We’re excited to see Snowball’s SCIA platform go live because we believe that Main Street investors should have access to sophisticated investment and trading strategies while maintaining control of their own digital assets."

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