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Parul Gujral


  • VP @, Writer @ Mogul News, Data Driven Investor
  • Philanthropist @ Harmonic Humanity,
    Battery Powered, Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation, Virgin Unite
  • Advisor @ CryptoSavannah, Andra Capital,, Butter App, Indian Hemp Association

Michael Bucci

Co-Founder - COO

  • Co-Founder @ LVSEinc,
  • Senior Portfolio Manager @ Lin Group of Illinois
  • Listed Equity Trader, @ Harborview, LLC. @ JNK Securities

Matthew Yeseta


  • CTO @ Athena Intelligence, Nimbler Inc, Arubixs, FizzJam
  • CME Equities Trader
  • Master of Data Science (University of Wisconsin)
  • Professional Education Digital Program at MIT

Nicholas Rush Butler

Chief of Staff

  • Co-founder of CWI language platform
  • Co-founder lift-off THC beer
  • Management and Production for films in Hollywood

Dan Flanegan

VP of Product

  • Serial Entrepreneur (Butter, Soapbox Mobile, SHEnetics)
  • VP of Product Marketing (ICO) @ Ponder
  • Product @ P&G, VP of Product @

Vitaliy Neskuba

Chief Creative Director

  • Chief UX designer at @Criterionhcm
  • More than 60 websites and apps built

Ekram Alexander Ahmed


  • Founder @3ekv
  • Branding @Facebook, Snapchat, Palantir, Philz Coffee, 23andMe, Avaya etc.

Jesse Kinser

Security Engineer

  • Senior Product Security & Compliance Manager @
  • Director of Platform Security @ LifeOmic
  • Director of Security & Infrastructure @ Fathom Voice

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