Snowball Airdrop Campaign

Have Web 2.0 fans that you want to convert? No problem! Snowball is available on iOS App Store and Google. Users can download and apply to airdrop and be integrated to your ecosystem in less than 3 steps!


Gain access to Snowball’s user base as well as an email list of over 200k!

Social Media

In order to qualify for the airdrop, a user must do the following:
Follow your project on
Join your
Retweet a
Tweet you want to be amplified
Join your Telegram

Count Increase

After Snowball concludes the airdrop campaign, watch your wallet count increase instantly after the smart contract is executed!

Our Launched Airdrops

Snowball X T10 Collaboration

Snowball has secured a partnership with the T10 League, Indian Premier League (IPL) and others, to bring billions of cricket fans into the Web3, by providing a technology wallet-as-a-service platform and advisory services to revolutionize the way fans engage with the sport.
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