dID Infrastructure for Modular Blockchains

Introducing the Snowstorm Protocol - a dID Layer for Modular Blockchains that simplifies the management of decentralized identities in the blockchain space.

Boost Your Rollup Game with Snowstorm

Snowstorm provides top-tier infrastructure for seamless rollup integration, enabling builders to focus on innovation without extra setup. Plug into existing identities and accelerate your DeFi projects effortlessly.
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Create Multiple Identities and Subnames

Bring Your ENS Identity to Snowstorm

Unlock the full potential of your digital identity as an ENS name holder by seamlessly extending it to the Snowstorm platform. Claim your Snowstorm identity corresponding to your ENS name and discover a world of new possibilities and enhanced connectivity with the Snowstorm.
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Connect Your Worlds with Snowstorm

Snowball domain SDK coming soon!

Unleash your potential

Snowstorm Protocol provides Rollup Builders with tools and documentation to simplify integration. With SDKs, APIs, and guidelines, developers can confidently implement it across blockchain platforms, revolutionizing blockchain interaction.

Create Your First Multichain Identity with Snowstorm

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