Snowball X T10 Collaboration

T10 and Snowball Money teamed up to give cricket fans exclusive access to the first T10 digital asset.

With 2.5 billion followers, cricket is the second-most popular sport in the world.

Snowball has secured a partnershipwith the T10 League, Indian Premier League (IPL) and others, to bring billionsof cricket fans into the Web3, by providing a technology wallet-as-a-service platform and advisory servicesto revolutionize the way fans engagewith the sport.

Media spotlight

TV Broadcast

T10 League partnership announcement

Collaboration results

User-driven Airdrop Engagement

Surging interest through referral program dynamics, empowering users to increase their chances of winning top prizes.

Bringing Fans
into Web 3.0

Cricket fans stepping into the crypto world with Snowball app.

Snowball Expands Horizons

Stepping outside the web 3.0 realm, the Snowball app reveals its prowess in engaging with the world of sports.

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